Channel Island Arrival Checklist

I just love a good checklist. Work your way through this one to ensure you’re all set up for island life…

Welcome to the Channel Islands! So you’ve more than likely taken the job, jumped on the Aurigny flight across the English Channel and probably even been picked up from the airport by your new employer (at least I was, how spoiled is that?)

But before you go running off to the beach or searching for hedge veg, run your eye over this list of things to do.


Sort your employment permit

Different to a visa, you need permission from the Population Management Department to seek employment in Guernsey. Find out how you get one here.


Find accommodation

Rent is expensive! Like, London expensive. If you want a one bedroom place to yourself you will be looking at at least £1000 per calendar month (pcm). To lodge is slightly cheaper, anywhere from £600-800 pcm. Your employer will more than likely help you out with finding somewhere to stay. Find out if you’re allowed in Open Market or Local Market properties here.


Get yourself a mobile phone plan

Not all mobile providers have decent reception in the Islands. EE had me covered pretty well thanks to their roaming arrangements, but a friend with another provider struggled and had to get herself a Vodafone sim in town. There are plenty of local telco stores so you won’t go without, just be prepared – you may have to get something sorted on island.


Think about transport

Guernsey is small enough that you can get by without a car easily. If something is a little beyond walking distance a bike or the bus is defs the way to go. E-bikes have become super popular and look like a fun way to get around! Otherwise it’s just £1 per ride on the bus, or even cheaper with the multi-ride Puffin Pass.

Being (relatively) bigger you might benefit from a car in Jersey if you’re planning to be there a little longer term (registration and insurance fees are surprisingly reasonable). If you do decide to buy a car on either island I highly recommend something small, some of those lanes and parking spaces are tiny! But again doing the green thing on public transport or using pedal power is a very viable alternative.


Arrange a bank account

If you’ve already got a UK bank account then just continue to use that, you don’t need a special Channel Islands account.

If you’ve just moved to this part of the world and don’t have a bank account yet, you’ll find all of the major bank branches on the island – the finance sector is the main industry here after all. If you need some guidance you can read all about getting a UK bank account here.


Apply for inclusion in the Health Worker Register

Make sure you’re registered to work as a health professional in the Bailiwick of Jersey and/or the Bailiwick of Guernsey by following these steps.


Register with Population Management

The States of Guernsey need to know who you are, where you’re staying, and what you’re doing on the island. I tell you how to register these details here.

Fill in your Arriving in Guernsey Form

Complete your New Arrivals Form for the States of Guernsey Revenue Service to apply for your Tax Reference Number and Tax Coding Notice. This informs them of your arrival, estimates your tax responsibilities and keeps track of your days on the island.


Obtain your Social Security Number

Not everyone needs one of these.

If you’re paid by a Guernsey-based employer (not for example by a UK-based umbrella company) follow these steps to get your local social security number, which is kind of like your National Insurance Number in the UK.

If you’re being paid by your UK-based recruitment agency or umbrella company you will not need a social security number if you remain on the island for 90 days or less. You can skip this step.


Ok kiddies, all your chores are done. Off to the beach with you!


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