Applying for Registration with with the Health Care and Professions Council (HCPC)

It may seem a little strange that this is the first step to take when getting yourself organised to work in the UK, but trust me, there’s method in the madness…

Put simply, this process takes the longest – you could be waiting up to 4 months for your registration to work as a health professional to be approved.

It would be pretty devastating if you had bags packed, flights booked, and everything paid for only to discover that your qualifications won’t be recognised by the HCPC or there is a delay of some sort meaning you can’t actually work when you arrive (it’s definitely happened before).

There is no guarantee that the HCPC will approve your application, so I highly recommend not making any solid plans or booking too much until they have made their decision.

Now that lecture’s done and I can sleep soundly knowing you won’t be jobless and homeless sleeping rough on the streets of London, maybe I should answer a few obvious questions you might have…


What is the HCPC?

They are the regulatory body who maintain the register of health practitioners (physios, dieticians, OTs, radiographers, paramedics etc.) who meet the standards for training and professional skills in the UK. Think of it as their version of the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA).


What do they have to do with me?

To be allowed to work as a health professional in the UK it is a legal requirement that you are registered with the HCPC. If you’re not, no one will employ you.


How much does it cost?

Submitting your application will set you back £495 (which at the time of writing is about $950 Aussie dollarydoos – not cheap!)

This does not pay for your registration or any other fees, just the privilege of applying (and no, you can’t get a refund if they knock you back).


How do I apply?

With a really long annoying form that takes a fair bit of running around to complete. But don’t stress, I’ll walk you through the steps on the next page.

Before we get to the application though, I recommend heading to the HCPC website and having a good read over the International Applications page. You will want to make sure that you’re eligible to apply and that you meet the standards of proficiency for your profession before committing your time, money and energy to going through with the application process.


Still keen for the Great British dream??

You should be! It’s worth it.

Click the link to the next page and I’ll help you through this arduous piece of paperwork…


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