Completing Your Guernsey Income Tax Return

As a non-resident, filing a tax return in the Guernsey was the easiest income tax process I’ve ever completed! Find out how you can also get your own handsome little refund here…

I’m really sorry, I’ll be honest. There’s not a lot I can do to make reading about taxes interesting. Instead I’ll do what I can to make it brief and easy to understand!


Do I need to complete an income tax return in Guernsey?

If you’ve worked in Guernsey, yes. Even if your income was below the personal allowance or you are non-resident.

If you were present on the island for 90 days or less, you will complete a Non-Resident return: lucky you, it’s only 3 pages long!

If you’re on the island for 91 days or more in the tax year (that is from 1st January to 31st December) you’ll need to complete the full income tax return. You’ll find all the details you need on the gov.gg website.


When do I complete my income tax return?

In January the Revenue Service will start making Income Tax Returns for the previous financial year available.

You’ve got until the end of November to submit your return. After this time you’ll be fined, so get it done to save yourself £200 plus £10 per day it’s overdue!


What if I leave Guernsey before the end of the financial year?

You can still complete your Income Tax Return online in the following calendar year as usual.

BUT, you will need to complete a Leaving Guernsey form to inform the Revenue Service if you are permanently departing the Bailiwick anyway.

If your only income in the financial year was from wages and bank interest then completing this form means you don’t have to do an Income Tax Return in the following year because the Leaving Guernsey form will provide all the information the Revenue Service needs to know.

How efficient is that?? This must be the only bureaucratic process I’ve come across that doesn’t ask you to unnecessarily double up on the same information – kudos Guernsey!


How do I complete my income tax return?

It’s quickest and easiest to do online, and completing it electronically also means it’s processed more quickly (apparently).

It is possible to print and complete a paper form though.

You’ll find both options on the Revenue Service website.

When will I receive my refund?

Just like any government process it takes a while to get a response, so don’t hold your breath. After a few months I’m still waiting to hear back, even with a few friendly phone calls to check on progress and to gently encourage things along… (Update: it took 11 months in the end!)

Once you’ve received your statement, if the Revenue Service has calculated that you’ve paid more tax than you needed to, you should receive a refund within 4 weeks.

The default option is a cheque, so ensure you have your postal address correct.

You do have the option to step into the 21st century and complete a “Repayment Request” form to have your refund electronically transferred to your nominated bank account (minus £7.50 plus your bank charges if it’s a non-UK account).


How do I pay my tax bill?

If you didn’t pay enough tax and need to pay the Revenue Service money, you can either elect to have this deducted from your future Guernsey wages or pay the bill online.

Well done for reading all the way to the bottom. You’re free to go now.


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